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The Overlooked Expert

The Overlooked Expert
"Find a niche and stick to it. If you can't find one, create one."

Analyst and consultant Tim Bajarin proffered these words of advice when Sarah sought his council about starting a consulting business. It officially marked the beginning of her consulting career in the nineties. After more than a decade spent perfecting the processes, tools and techniques Sarah used for hundreds of clients in over thirty industries, Sarah wrote the Overlooked Expert to provide others a roadmap for successfully starting and growing a business.

Navigating the Partnership Maze

Navigating the Partnership Maze: Creating Alliances that work (McGraw-Hill) SoftwareCEO editor Bruce Hadley said "I love it. This is the best book about partnerships I've encountered for the software industry. It's required reading." Cliff Encino, host of PBS Moneyhunt wrote "Gerdes has developed AllianceMapping, by which companies can match their key attributes with those of potential partners. A great resource."

The Kim Sisters The authorized biography of The Kim Sisters is the fascinating story of three teens discovered in South Korea during the Korean War. After arriving in America, the singers became international celebrities, gaining fame and fortune, suffering loss and death, yet still reigning as one of top live acts in history.  In October 2010 The Kim Sisters was optioned for film adaption by Warp Entertainment.


Chambers is a YA time-travel adventure series, has been published in Indonesia and Thailand, and in spring 2015, will be available in Poland. Released in July 2011, Chambers was optioned for the big screen by  Warp Film. Development is underway and filming is anticipated for fall 2014.

Chambers can be purchased Apple, Kindle and Nook. See the recent press


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